Architecture & Design Patterns

MVC, Redux, Active Records, RESTful API, JWT, GRAPHQL

Programming Language

Ruby, JavaScript, Dart, SQL, HTML, CSS.

Tools, Frameworks, Libraries

React.js, Redux, Rails, Sinatra, Ruby-on Rails, Flutter, Bootstrap,, Bulma, UIKit,, Gatsby


Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Lucid Charts


PostgreSQL, SQLite3

Foreign Language



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Dev Dream

Web app for users to log their dreams, comment on other users’ dreams, and make personal connections with others.

● Implemented hooks in order to take advantage of functional components optimizations and cleaner code. ● Combined and JavaScript to provide a user-friendly experience / dark-mode. ● Developed complex self-referential relationships to add dreams, comment on dreams, and link dreams to specific users

JavascriptReactRuby on RailsGrommet.ioHTMLCSS

Event Generator

A user fills in a form with their date of birth to see a list of historical events on their birthday since birth.

● Learned and implemented UIKit for design and a beautiful and minimal user interface. ● Utilized JSON Web token to store encrypted user information client-side. ● Fetched external API for current events.

JavascriptHTMLCSSUIKITRuby on Rails

Komorebi - 木漏れ日

Keep track of water intake on plants and catalog them in your virtual garden.

● Accelerated deployment of website, by using style frameworks such as, Bootstrap, and custom CSS. ● Researched and used complicated relationship models to organize gardens and link plants to specific users. ● Utilized Authentication and Validations to keep users logged in through the entire web app.

Ruby on RailsHTMLCSSBulma.ioBootstrap
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The Standard High Line

2015 - 2020

Enhanced the guest’s experience by sharing knowledge on hotel culture, amenities, local events, and services in the neighborhood.

Served as a liaison between managers and employees for the purpose of maintaining company culture.

Conduct training of new employees by encouraging growth, defining company expectations, and providing support.

Build genuine connections with locals in the neighborhood and hotel guests to ensure high interest in the hotel and repeat business.

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